Drake 'Made a Couple Calls' for Nicki Minaj After She Experienced Issues at Canadian Border During Tour

Minaj received support from The Boy after she was nearly three hours late to a show in Montreal during her Pink Friday 2 World Tour.

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Drake came through for Nicki Minaj when she needed his credentials most, rescuing the Canadian leg of her Pink Friday 2 World Tour.

On Wednesday, the Queens rapper was roughly three hours late to her show in Montreal. She posted about the situation on X, blaming local authorities for "sabotage” after her original flight was canceled in a confusing manner. 

"Yesterday my flight scheduled for midnight shut their plane down @ 12:58pm. Never in 15 years have I heard of anything like that. A 70K G4 and thought we were going to PAY THEM for that flight as well as whatever flight I’d have to get on next. They thought wrong," she wrote.

"Today, we asked if we could leave at 1pm. They said no, we could leave at 3pm. Then they said that won’t work, we’d need to leave at 5pm. ?!?!!!!! Yup. For a 930pm show in Canada. When we got to the plane, they then said they were ‘STILL FUELING’. At 630pm, they said they were ‘still fueling’ (for an hour & a half flight)."

In addition to her flight being canceled and rescheduled, causing her to be late for the show, she also reported having her personal belongings searched. 

“When we did get to Canada, they did a bunch of stuff they didn’t do the last 2 times I came for the OVO FEST. They started searching through my personal purses. Usually they take me to the car with my purses & check the bigger luggage. Nope. Not this time,” she wrote. 

This incident seems to be connected to the controversy surrounding her husband, Kenneth Petty. Due to his status as a registered sex offender, Petty had to be given permission from a judge to accompany Minaj during the international part of her tour.

After accusing Canadian authorities of intentionally holding her up, she later posted to her Instagram Stories, writing that Toronto’s own Drake helped Minaj out by making “a couple calls.” Thanks to support from Drizzy, her former Young Money compadre, the rest of the Canadian leg of her tour seems to be continuing smoothly. 

The "Taylor Made Freestyle" rapper also attended her Toronto show, although he didn't hit the stage for their latest collaboration "Needle."

Drake spotted at Nicki Minaj’s #GagCity show in Toronto tonight pic.twitter.com/pqxRoyrNyq

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