Watch as Jerry Seinfeld Instigates the Beef Between Wale and Complex

Learn the true story behind Wale's infamous call to Complex. (Spoiler: Jerry Seinfeld put him up to it.)

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Remember last December when Wale threatened the Complex office after his album, The Gifted, was left off our Best Albums of 2013 list? Turns out Wale wasn't even all that heated about the perceived slight. He would've preferred to have just kept it moving. But then his good friend Jerry Seinfeld learned that Wale didn't make the cut, and put a battery in his back about the omission. One thing lead to another, and soon Wale was on the phone, cursing at the Complex staff and very forcefully suggesting that we consider enhanced personal protection measures.

Here, in exclusive footage we recently obtained, you can see as Seinfeld eggs Wale on, turning the mild-mannered MC into a writer-threatening madman. Welp, consider us #TeamNewman from now on.

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