The Best Albums Of 2024 (So Far)

With six months down and thousands of albums released, here is our ranking of the best albums of 2024 so far.


Looking from afar, this year in music can be broken down into four words—Drake vs. Kendrick Lamar. But if you zoom in and focus on the granular, you get a more nuanced understanding: midway through, 2024 has not only been a great year for music but a great year for albums. (Those things don’t always overlap.) 

The variety is stunning; there has been a healthy mix of releases from superstars, underground veterans, promising rookies, and consistent journeymen. Taken as a whole, it can seem chaotic trying to capsulize the year so far. There are all of these little pockets thriving in pop and hip-hop right now, pushing boundaries in their own unique way. 

So, with six months down and thousands of albums released, here is our ranking of the best albums of 2024 so far.

25. 4Batz, u made me a st4r

Group photo of several people, some holding money, one person holding a child. Most wear "Long Live" shirts with a printed image. Parental Advisory Explicit Content label

24. Gunna, One of Wun

A person is wearing a sheer veil covered in blue and white petals, obscuring their face entirely. They have visible tattoos on their shoulder and wear pearl necklaces

23. Kali Uchis, Orquideas

Nicki Minaj in a provocative outfit adorned with flowers in an artistic, abstract setting

22. Yung Lean & Bladee, Psykos

A power line silhouetted against the sky with the sun shining through. A cartoon frog is in the lower right corner


Man wearing a camouflage hat and a bandana with the Haitian flag design over his face. Text overlay says "#RICHAXXHAITIAN."

20. Chris Patrick, The Calm

Musician J. Cole sits on a bed with a laptop in a cozy, dimly lit room, illuminated by natural light from a window

19. Ariana Grande, Eternal Sunshine

Two individuals with long, smooth hair tied back in ponytails, one person has a tattoo on the back of their neck. Their clothing style is minimalistic and formal

18. Tyla, TYLA

Tyla is posing with long curly hair, wearing a stylish, sequined, semi-transparent outfit. The image is used in a music-related article

17. Ye & Ty Dolla Sign, Vultures

Two figures stand in a shadowy setting. One, dressed in black, faces forward. The other, wearing revealing attire, faces away from the camera

16. Rapsody, Please Don't Cry

A person is shown in grayscale, holding their face with both hands, and covered by a net-like material. A single red tear is drawn on the left cheek

15. Bossman Dlow, Mr Beat The Road

Bossman Dlow's "Mr. Beat the Road" album cover features him seated in a chair wearing sunglasses and a textured jacket

14. Yeat, 2093

Person in dark trench coat stands on a rooftop with a misty city skyline and illuminated buildings in the background

13. Mk.gee, Two Star & the Dream Police

Cover art for "Two Star & The Dream Police" featuring a musician in a forest, holding an electric guitar, with dark, moody lighting

12. MIKE & Tony Seltzer, Pinball

Illustration of a pinball machine with the tracklist of "Pinball" by MIKE & Tony Seltzer, featuring 11 songs including collaborations with Earl Sweatshirt and Jay Critch

11. Kenny Mason, 9

A collection of silver chains on a black background, featuring a winged horse, the number 9, and a ring with spikes

10. 21 Savage, American Dream

Young 21 Savage smiling with text over the image mentioning "IMMIGRANT VISA," "American Dream," and "JOSEPH," reflecting themes of immigration and identity

9. J. Cole, Might Delete Later

Text reads "Might Delete Later" with a parental advisory notice

8. Vince Staples, Dark Times


Young female musician in a playful pose on a bed with zebra print sheets, wearing a blue top, shorts, thigh-high socks, and platform sneakers. Neon sign above her

6. Billie Eilish, HIT ME HARD AND SOFT

Person underwater beneath a submerged door floating toward the surface

5. Metro Boomin & Future, We Still Don't Trust You

Cover of the album "Business Is Business" by Young Thug. The image has four distorted black-and-white portraits, featuring Young Thug in different artistic, obscured poses

4. Beyoncé, Cowboy Carter

Lady Gaga riding a white horse, dressed in a red, white, and blue outfit with "Porter on Cartier" adorned across the chest, holding an American flag

3. Chief Keef, Almighty So 2

Young Nudy poses in a green shirt, wearing a chunky chain and knitted hat, with a Parental Advisory sticker on the image

2. ScHoolboy Q, Blue Lips

Close-up photo of an open mouth with metallic blue lipstick and a gap between the front teeth. The words "BLUE LIPS!" are handwritten in the corner

1. Metro Boomin & Future, We Don't Trust You

Rae Sremmurd members Slim Jxmmi and Swae Lee pose stylishly in suits; Slim Jxmmi wears a headband, Swae Lee has tattoos on his arm and holds his jacket

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