Teddy Riley Apologizes to Comedian Tony Baker for Dissing Him During Alicia Keys and John Legend's Verzuz Battle

Teddy Riley apologized to Tony Baker for his response to a joke about technical difficulties during the John Legend vs. Alicia Keys battle.

teddy riley

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teddy riley

Teddy Riley apologized to comedian Tony Baker on Saturday after he responded to a slick comment he made in the live comments section of the Verzuz battle between Alicia Keys and John Legend on Juneteenth.

The legendary R&B producer took to Instagram to address Baker after he responded a bit harshly to the joke made during the battle. 

"First of all, I want to say to Tony Baker, my apologies as a brother to a brother," Riley said. "You already know that what I do is music. I don’t tell jokes and I don’t do the prank thing but sometimes you have to— when you go to a comedy club or anything— you have to be able to embrace that."

He went on to talk about how he went to watch the live from a fan's perspective and didn't appreciate the comments Baker made.

"I wasn’t looking forward to a meme or a comedian to come out and say ‘Teddy Riley’ and then John Legend came out and said some stuff, which is cool. I just snapped when it came to Tony and I didn’t mean to."

Riley closed by explaining how now is a time where Black people need to be together and that he didn't mean to cause any more division. Baker's light jab during the Alicia Keys vs. John Legend Verzuz battle was calling back to all of the technical difficulties Riley experienced during his first attempt at battling Babyface.

"Teddy Riley pulled up!" Baker commented. "Let's pray that we don't lose the internet connection." 

Riley then responded to the joke with, "Tony Baker if you want to continue being funny you got to let Oh jokes become the pass or you will be stuck in the past brother. Grow up and get money! Remind you to joke Only makes me money but you still broke." 

Teddy Riley has been the butt of many technical difficulty-related memes following his battle against Babyface that happened in April which was plagued with sound and connection problems. The jokes about it have been present in most of the Verzuz battles ever since, so while it appears Riley's had enough of the meme sensation, it's good know he's taking it on the chin— at least somewhat. 

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