Problem Connects With Wiz Khalifa for New Song and Video "4 The Low"

Problem joins forces with Wiz Khalifa on the mellow track "4 The Low." A Mike Marasco-directed video featuring the rappers was also released.

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Problem has tapped Wiz Khalifa to assist him on his new, relaxing track “4 The Low” that also comes with some fresh visuals.

Directed by Mike Marasco, Problem and Wiz are cyphing and biking around the neighborhood as they try to shed light on who is profiting the most in the cannabis industry. As stocks of “Khalifa Kush” skyrocket in the background, Problem discusses the contradiction of the industry, with some profiting off the drug while others are being locked up for selling the same thing.

Problem also explained that the point of the visuals was to highlight minority cannabis companies and give them more shine.

“This video was designed to shine a light on minority-owned cannabis companies,” he explained. “We have been imprisoned and shunned for the use and distribution of marijuana. It’s a slap in the face to watch these big brands come in and profit with the new legalization while our people are still locked up. It must change. With Wiz being a God in the cannabis world, I appreciate him taking this opportunity to show love to others in the space.”

As for his own business endeavors, Problem revealed that he’s unveiling his own pre-rolls and other cannabis-related products.

“As for me, I’m new to this industry business wise, so I would like to use this opportunity to introduce the world to my two newest endeavors… ‘Bennys’ – everybody’s favorite pre-roll! – and my ‘Coffee & Kush Mugs’! Stay tuned for more exciting announcements from both of these brands.”

Watch the music video for Problem’s new song “4 The Low” featuring Wiz Khalifa up top and stream the track below.


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