Lil Baby Talks Flying to Wyoming to Work With Kanye in New Interview

In his latest interview, Lil Baby talks about connecting with Kanye, being flown out to Wyoming to work on music, and what the entire experience was like.

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lil baby ig

Back in July during one of Kanye West's tweet storms, he mentioned how Lil Baby was one of his favorite rappers, but that Baby didn't want to work with him. Baby later responded and said that no one ever told him Kanye wanted to get in the studio with him, and since then, things have been quiet about the situation until now.

Nobody told me ye was trying to get me on a song 🧐 that’s fucced up

— Lil Baby (@lilbaby4PF) July 23, 2020

@kanyewest no disrespect nobody told me 🤷🏽‍♂️

— Lil Baby (@lilbaby4PF) July 23, 2020

During his latest interview with NMEBaby talked about how he and 'Ye were eventually able to connect and that Kanye even flew him out to Wyoming to work together. "[After the tweets] I tried to reach out to him,” he said. “I got his number to give each other a direct line then he sent me on a jet to Wyoming—and the rest is history.”

Baby went on to say it was an honor for him to be able to get into the booth with the legend, saying it was an opportunity many would die for, so he's just happy to have gotten the chance.

“It’s not a regular thing that a lot of people get," he continued. "A lot of people never get that opportunity or would die for that opportunity. And the fact that I wasn’t even pressing for that opportunity and I got it—I think I respected [that] more.”

While he confirmed that they had, in fact, made some music during his visit to Wyoming, Baby didn't go into too much detail about it. Instead, he talked about how he also watched Kanye work on his clothing and other endeavors, saying, "But I saw him working more in a different form—working on his clothing line and his shoes. That’s even more inspiring than the music.”

During the interview, Baby also recalled how he wouldn't have even gotten this kind of opportunity without Young Thug persuading him to get off the streets and start rapping, a story Thug has retold as well.

"I was already going to the studio,” Baby told The Breakfast Club in March. “He was on some shit like, ‘You got a chance in rapping. Not even a chance. Like you’re gonna make it rapping. You can’t even be chilling.’ He would FaceTime me and see where I’m at, and he like, ‘Damn you ain’t even at the studio?'"

Thug confirmed this during his visit to T.I.'s podcasts expediTIouslysaying: 

"I used to read that young n***a's captions on his pictures and call him like, 'bruh, you know you can rap.' He in jail like, 'bruh, I'mma goddam get out, I'mma goddam get me some money, get me a bag and do what I need to do.'"

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Baby has definitely made it a long way since then, having one of the most successful past years of any rapper and now working with the likes of hip-hop's top-tier names like Kanye West.

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