J. Cole's Projects, Ranked Worst to Best

What is J. Cole's best project? What is his worst? From 'The Come Up' to 'The Off-Season' to '2014 Forest Hills Drive,' we rank all of J. Cole's projects.

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Over the past decade and a half, we have watched J. Cole grow from a hungry young artist dropping mixtapes in the blog era to one of the most commercially successful rappers on the planet. If you go back and compare those very first tapes to his most recent studio albums, though, you’ll notice he didn’t have to make any big artistic sacrifices to reach that success. Throughout the years, he has stayed true to his own vision, sharpening his skillset along the way, and he didn’t have to dramatically change his sound or messaging to sell a bunch of records. Instead, he gradually built one of the most loyal fanbases in rap. Sure, there have been some blips up and down along the way, but generally, he’s been on an upward trajectory over the years. After the release of The Off-Season, we found ourselves wondering: Where does this stack up next to the rest of his discography? What are the best J. Cole projects and what are the worst? So, we ranked all of his projects (including two EPs that we combined as one). Here are all of J. Cole’s projects, ranked from worst to best.

10. The Come Up


9. Truly Yours EPs


8. Cole World: The Sideline Story


7. 4 Your Eyez Only

J Cole 4 Your Eyez Only cover art

6. The Warm Up


5. KOD


4. Born Sinner


3. Friday Night Lights


2. The Off-Season


1. 2014 Forest Hills Drive


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