Hitmaka Named VP of A&R at Empire, Drops Video for "Quickie" f/ Ty Dolla Sign and Queen Naija

Hitmaka has been named the new VP of A&R at Empire. The producer also dropped the video for his new single "Quickie" featuring Queen Naija and Ty Dolla Sign.

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Multi-platinum producer Hitmaka has just dropped his new single, “Quickie,” featuring Ty Dolla Sign and Queen Naija. The producer has also just been named the new VP of A&R at Empire.

Hitmaka strings together another melodic vibe by pairing the smooth vocals of Ty Dolla Sign and Queen Naija over his patented beats. The track also received creative visuals as well. When talking about how the track came together, Hitmaka explained that it all just fell into place naturally.

“The song came together organically,” Hitmaka said. “Me and my partner Chrishan cooked up the demo and were in Miami with Ty Dolla $ign. Shortly after we sent it to Queen Naija and it really came together! It’s about wanting to be with someone but not having all the time needed so let’s make the best of these moments.”

Along with his latest single is the news that Hitmaka is now VP of A&R at Empire. Founder and CEO Ghazi shared how it made sense to give the producer the position, especially considering all of the hits he’s been responsible for already. 

“Hitmaka is one of the best in the game. We’re lucky to have him on the home team at EMPIRE – inspiring and creating with our artists and delivering top quality music of his own. We’re already off to the races with several of Hit’s records charting and have more on the way,” Ghazi said.

Watch the music video for Hitmaka’s new single “Quickie” featuring Ty Dolla Sign and Queen Naija up top. 

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