Cordae on Leaving YBN Crew: ‘Sometimes as Friends, You Grow Apart’

During an interview with Elliot Wilson for Tidal's 'Check-In' on Thursday, Cordae gave his perspective on why he left his former YBN crew.

The YBN collective that consisted of YBN Nahmir, YBN Almighty Jay, and YBN Cordae had not made music together in a while, so it wasn't too surprising when the news broke that the crew broke up and Cordae dropped the "YBN" from his name altogether.

HipHop-N-More pointed out that in a recent conversation he had with Elliott Wilson for Tidal's Check-In on Thursday, Cordae addressed what led him to reach the decision to leave.

“Namir and Jay, those always gonna be my brothers, in real life,” he said. “Like, I think the world of them cats. Sometimes as friends, you grow apart and you have different visions for what you wanna do and that’s OK, there’s no love lost. Like I said, I think the world of them n*ggas. I love my n*gga Jay to death and yeah, that’s just that really.”

In the same interview, Cordae went on to talk about what it was like when Colin Kaepernick introduced him to Kobe Bryant for the first time in August of 2019, while they were all watching his girlfriend Naomi Osaka compete at the US Open, and how he and Roddy Ricch connected to make their latest track "Gifted."

“We actually did that song last year in August,” he said. “Me and Roddy, low-key, that’s one of my closets homies in music. We just always linked. That’s somebody I can call and we just have real life conversations. We did that joint after the Real Street Fest … we was both on that festival and we went to the studio right after and came up with that joint.”


You can watch the entire Tidal Check-In episode with Cordae and Elliott Wilson up top.

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