Breaking Down Everything Kendrick Said About Drake on “Meet the Grahams”

There’s a lot to unpack in Kendrick Lamar’s “Meet the Grahams.” Here’s a thorough analysis.

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So much is happening right now. Mere minutes after Drake dropped his “Family Matters” diss song, Kendrick Lamar responded with “Meet the Grahams,” and the battlefield is now decimated.

In his nuclear response, Kendrick goes after Drake by addressing each of his immediate family members in a 6-minute song, where he accuses the Toronto rapper of having a daughter that he’s been hiding from the world, a substance addiction, a gambling addiction, engaging in various sex crimes, and several other dark revelations. The title of the song references the way Dot structures each verse, speaking directly to members of Drake’s family, and it could be a double entendre about how he possibly exposes another child of the Toronto rapper. 

“Meet the Grahams” arrived very shortly after Drake accused Dot of domestic violence and infidelity in “Family Matters” on Friday night. The similarity in the subject matter (and titles) of the two songs suggests that Dot might have already known “Family Matters” was going to come out, so he prepared “Meet the Grahams” in advance.

None of the allegations on either side have been verified with concrete evidence or receipts, but before another diss track drops, here’s a full breakdown of everything Kendrick Lamar said about Drake while addressing each of his immediate family members on “Meet The Grahams.”

The cover art

The Adonis Graham Verse

Drake in concert wearing a black jacket, performing with a microphone

The Sandra & Dennis Graham Verse

Singer performing on stage with a microphone, wearing a casual outfit with a necklace

The Hidden Daughter Verse

The Aubrey Verse

Silhouetted performer with arms extended on a concert stage, engaging with the audience

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