The Wild World of Rap NFTs

NFTs are quickly becoming a mainstream trend in the music industry. From Soulja Boy to Bhad Bhabie, here are the wildest NFTs from rappers right now.

Bhad Bhabie NFT

Image via Bhad Bhabie

Bhad Bhabie NFT

On March 7, Soulja Boy asked his 5.2 million followers on Twitter, “How do I sell my tweets?” The tweet ended up garnering more than a thousand likes and 200 retweets, but social engagement wasn’t the only thing he received. Soulja Boy ended up selling that exact tweet on a digital marketplace V for $1,288.00. Then he auctioned four more of his tweets, earning a total of $2,084.71 in just three hours. Soulja’s auctioned tweets are examples of the digital collectibles known as NFTs, and over the past few months, they’ve become a lucrative business opportunity for the music industry. 

NFTs are short for “non-fungible tokens,” which is a fancy way of saying they’re digital certificates of authenticity that allow for intangible collectibles like tweets or digital art to be sold and traded. Although virtual items can be copied and distributed instantly these days, NFTs give buyers ownership of whatever digital items they purchase, creating a sense of exclusivity. So, while there may be other digital copies of that item in existence, the NFT or token obtained with the purchase is one-of-a-kind. The person who bought Soulja Boys’ tweet NFT, for example, becomes the sole “owner” of it, and they can sell it for a profit if the value goes up over time.

NFTs rely on a technology called blockchain, which is the basis of bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. The blockchain is a protected ledger that allows NFT buyers to see a short list of its previous owners. There is a growing network of NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea, Zora, Fyooz, Flipkick, and more. 

NFTs have made their way into the music industry, and artists are figuring out creative ways to make money on the technology. Last year, electronic producer Deadmau5 auctioned “RAREZ” NFT collectible packs, which contained animated stickers and virtual trading cards for $100,000. In February 2021, Grimes sold nearly $6 million worth of tokens for 10 pieces of her digital artwork. And throughout the first few months of 2021, we’ve seen a rise in NFTs being sold by rappers. Stars like Lil Baby, 2 Chainz, Soulja Boy, Snoop Dogg, and more have announced their first NFT collections, which include augmented reality memorabilia and other virtual collectibles. 

As rappers figure out new ways to use the technology, we expect to see even more examples of NFTs in rap. As of early April 2021, here are the wildest and most interesting NFTs in rap right now. 

Snoop x @beeple = SNEEPLE

— Snoop Dogg (@SnoopDogg) March 31, 2021

NFTs sold: eight-piece art collection chronicling Snoop Dogg’s early career

On March 30, Snoop Dogg announced he was auctioning his first NFT collection via The collection, titled “A Journey with the Dogg,” brings together Snoop Dogg’s memories of the early years in his iconic career. A total of eight pieces were put up for auction in limited quantities, including “Young Snoop,” “Snoop Dogge Coins,” and “Death Row.” “I’ve seen the game change over the years from analog to digital and I’m always happier when the technology lets the fans get to connect with the artists,” Snoop said of the launch. “NFTs are an amazing innovation and it is an honor to do my first drop with” On April 4, Snoop Dogg confirmed that one of his pieces sold for $100,000. 

AUCTION OPENING in 5 minutes from @lilyachty!!! It is the ONLY NFT in his collection!!!

Current Bid:

Follow Live:

— Nifty Gateway 🌐 (@niftygateway) December 15, 2020

NFTs sold: one YachtyCoin collectible for $16,050

Last year, Lil Yachty sold his first-ever NFT on the marketplace Nifty Gateway. The “Yachty Coin” was a limited edition token that included animation of Lil Yachty’s face and the Bitcoin logo, courtesy of digital artist Glassface. The NFT token is a nod to $YACHTY, a cryptocurrency the rapper sold on Fyooz for $15 each earlier in the year. The bidding war soon started at the auction, and within 24 hours, the NFT token was sold for $16,050.

NFTs sold: “Cash Me Outside” GIF and other digital art

Danielle Bregoli, aka Bhad Bhabie, recently admitted that she hates the “Cash Me Outside” memes that helped launch her career, but that hasn’t stopped the young rapper from profiting off of the moment. Bhad Bhabie recently launched the “ETH Me Outside” collection. The digital collection includes 3D animation created by Glassface and other artists that encapsulates the original “Cash Me Outside” meme and other notable Bhad Bhabie moments. The package also includes a custom video created by Bhad Bhabie for the buyer, which will be posted on her social media accounts. 

Jack Harlow and Pete Davidson’s ‘SNL’ Rap Song About NFTs

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NFTs sold: ‘SNL’ rap skit about NFTs

In a Saturday Night Live sketch performed on March 27, Pete Davidson and rapper Jack Harlow commented on the growing trend. Dressed similarly to superhero Robin, Davidson broke out in a rap. “Now what the hell’s an NFT, apparently a cryptocurrency,” he rapped, mimicking Eminem’s style and flow. Jack Harlow, who played a custodian in the sketch, broke down the connection even more. A week after the SNL sketch aired, it was turned into an NFT itself and sold for $365,000 on Open Sea. In addition to winning the “what the hell’s an NFT?” NFT, the highest bidder also won two tickets to a taping of SNL during Season 47 or the show. 

NFTs sold: 3D animated collectibles

On April 9, Tekashi 6ix9ine will be dropping two 3D animated NFT collectibles. The art pieces will integrate snippets from his last two albums, Tattletales and Dummy Boy. In addition to the two animated collectibles, 6ix9ine will launch 125 versions of three separate NFTs, which will be available at a lower price. According to a press release, the NFTs will have “multiple levels of engagement for creators and fans.” The buyers of the limited-edition NFT will also be treated to a surprise gift from 6ix9ine that will be revealed at a later date.

1 of 1 NFT drop in partnership with @RTFKTstudios ⚡️SUPERRARE ⚡️ SUNDAY 3/21 ‼️‼️ Can’t wait for you guys to see 🏎😈🔥

— FN Meka (@FNMekaOfficial) March 20, 2021

NFTs sold: one AI Lamborghini style porta-potty

FN Meka is an artificial intelligence rapper who is taking advantage of his massive presence on TikTok. In March, the virtual influencer launched the “Super Toilet,” a Lamborghini-style porta-potty designed by RTFKT. The item also came with an AR experience where collectors could have their name written in graffiti on the inside of the toilet. The toilet sold on auction site SuperRare for $6,500.

NFTs sold: Vamp Life chain

On October 15, 2020, Jim Jones became one of the first rappers to sell an NFT.  Jones turned a digital version of his Vamp Life jewelry chain into an NFT and sold it for $4,500 on Zaptheory. The chain depicts a coffin with the phrase “We Own the Night” written on the front. On the inside, is a silver bat with red eyes. The sale later inspired the launch of his Bitcoin cryptocurrency, the $CapoCoin on Zaptheory. On March 23, Jones hosted a virtual meet and greet on the ZapLife app, where he gifted guests up to 95,000 in $CapoCoin and an NFT.

NFTs sold: one audio sex tape for $18,270.80

On March 9, Azealia Banks revealed she was in possession of a 24-minute audio sex tape with her fiancé, conceptual artist Ryder Ripps. The Harlem rapper sold the audio, appropriately titled “I Fucked Ryder Ripps” on NFT marketplace Foundation for an estimated $18,270.80. Of the sale, Banks wrote on Instagram, “Literally- the most expensive NFT ever. Don’t you love how We came saw and conquered this shit in a matter of 48hrs? The fucking iconnery.”

NFTs sold: 11 augmented reality masks

In honor of the late MF DOOM, 11 signed digital masks were sold on Illust Space. The exclusive masks included several different versions, including the “Black Sludge Mask,” the “Green Metal Mask,” the “Sludge Mask,” and the “Mummy Mask.” The augmented reality masks were expected to sell between $15,000 and $75,000, but actually sold in the range of $18,000 to $800,000. “Sadly, MF DOOM passed on Oct 31st, 2020, one day following the close of the original Illust Space beta auction, making this one of MF DOOM’s final collaborations,” Illust Space states online. Ten percent of the proceeds went to MF DOOM’s estate. 

How do I sell my tweets

— Soulja Boy (Draco) (@souljaboy) March 7, 2021

NFTs sold: five tweets for $2,084.71 

Three hours after asking the question, “How do I sell my tweets” on Twitter, Soulja Boy sold a signed copy of his tweet on March 7 for $1,288. He then sold four more tweets for $796.71, earning a total of $2,084.71.

NFTs sold: two digital artworks with accompanying single 

On March 5, Guapdad 4000 and media company 88rising teamed up with NFT marketplace Zora for an art exhibition, which included original work from 12 visual artists and musicians including Guapdad, Toro y Mori, and Mura Masa. Guapdad two auctioned digital artpieces titled “Could Never Be Me,” which was accompanied by one song he wrote and produced. The artwork is currently in auction with bids as high as $3100. 

The first NFT collection ever released by @lilpump dropped today so tap the link to redeem the #ESSKEETIT Card and check out what else he has to offer.

— Sweet (@sweet) March 11, 2021

NFTs sold: a three-piece collection including collectible cards

On March 10, Lil Pump announced the “Lil Pump NFT Collection,” in partnership with Sweet. The three-piece collection features a 500-piece giveaway to fans, one collectible card with a limited 2,000-piece inventory, and the “Esskeetit Diamond VVS” NFT, which allows fans to own a piece of Lil Pump’s personal jewelry collection in the digital space. The 2,000 NFT apparently sold out quickly, as none of them are available on the SweetDrops site anymore. They each sold for around $9.99, bringing Lil Pump’s earnings to roughly $20,000

NFTs sold: 10 copies of a snippet of Mike Shinoda’s “Happy Endings”

On March 11, Linkin Park cofounder Mike Shinoda dropped his single “Happy Endings,” featuring guest appearances by Iann Dior and pop singer UPSAHL. A month before the single’s release, Shinoda released ten 75-second clips of the record featuring accompanying abstract artwork by contemporary artist Cain Caser on NFT marketplace Zora. According to Rolling Stone, the first copy sold for $8,000, and the final NFT sold for around $6,600. 

NFTs sold: Celebrity World Pong League competition tokens

Post Malone and his manager Dre London teamed up with marketplace Fyooz to give fans a chance to play Post Malone in his Celebrity World Pong League. To participate, fans purchase Star coins or FYZ NFT tokens. And according to Decrypt, “Those holding a sufficient quantity of FYZ NFTs—the native token of the Fyooz platform—will be airdropped new NFTs. These airdropped tokens will then enable them to enter the Celebrity World Pong League and play beer pong against Post Malone.”

NFTs sold: 2017 painting of Fyre Festival logo for $122,000 and the infamous cheese sandwich tweet

Ja Rule’s involvement in the Fyre Festival scandal has been well-documented and become the subject of online scrutiny and several documentaries. But now, the rapper is looking to capitalize on the moment. In March, he announced his plans to sell NFTs of a 2017 painting of the Fyre Festival logo created by Tripp Derrick Barnes on the platform Flipkick. Unlike other NFTs, which live solely in the digital space, these paintings will also exist in the tangible form. Buyers will receive a secure link to the NFT and will have the option of reselling it or redeeming the token for the physical artwork. The painting sold for $122,000. Seeminly happy with the success of the sale, Ja Rule doubled down and now he’s selling the infamous cheese sandwich tweet.

We collabed with the artists to create a custom basketball for each one for Saturday night 🔥

You can own one yourself with B/R’s first-ever NFT drop on March 6 👀

Watch #OpenRun presented by @ModeloUSA starting at 8pm ET Saturday

— Bleacher Report (@BleacherReport) March 4, 2021

NFTs sold: 10 limited-edition custom-designed basketballs for more than $591,000

On March 7, NFT marketplace OpenSea announced Lil Baby, 2 Chainz, Quavo, and Jack Harlow were releasing a digital collection in partnership with Bleacher Report. The collection would be dropping as “part of their unofficial tip-off to NBA All-Star Sunday,” and include four custom-designed basketballs that incorporate music, culture, and sports. Ten gold editions of each of the NFT basketballs were auctioned off on OpenSea. By the end of the auction, the NFTs sold for more than $591,000 in total. 2 Chainz’s NFT alone the highest, for roughly $68,000.

NFTs sold: 25 copies of NFT that revealed the title and cover artwork for his new single

On March 5, Toronto rapper Killy released 25 limited edition copies of an NFT that unlocked the title and cover artwork of his new track. The “Hyper Rare Demon Face” NFT shows an image of a demon with a fiery mane and its tongue sticking out. The NFT is accepting bids on Rarible. As of April 7, the highest bid is at $50. 

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