A Victim of the Puff Daddy/Shyne Club Shooting Speaks Out on Instagram 15 Years Later

Natania Reuben was shot in the face.

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Today marks the 15th anniversary of the infamous New York City nightclub shooting involving Diddy​, Jennifer Lopez, and Shyne. UPNORTHTRIPS acknowledged the anniversary with the Instagram photo above, giving us one of those "Wow, it's really been that long?" moments. But the post became more interesting when a woman identifying herself as one of the three shooting victims spoke out in the comments. 

As she mentions in the comments, Natania Reuben was shot in the face during the altercation. She responded to the Instagram post because she says the newspaper gave sympathy to the celebrities involved and not the actual victims of the shooting. She discussed her feelings further in exchanges with other commenters. Here's an excerpt of the conversation (read more here): 






As you may recall, the rapper then known as Puffy was leaving Club New York with Jennifer Lopez when he bumped into Matthew "Scar" Allen. Scar shoved Puffy, and the altercation escalated with gunshots. Soon after Puffy and Lopez were arrested for fleeing the scene in a Lincoln Navigator with a gun inside. Charges against Lopez were quickly dropped, but Puffy and Shyne both went to court for weapon violations and other charges. 

With help from his powerful team of lawyers, Puffy was acquitted of all charges. Shyne was hit with a 10-year prison sentence for two counts of assault, reckless endangerment and gun possession. He called out the Bad Boy founder for selling him out, a charge Nas later supported on "Purple." 

"I don't like the way P. Diddy did Shyne with different lawyers," Nas rapped. "Why it's mentioned in my rhymes? Fuck it, it's just an intro."

Puffy changed his name to P. Diddy to try and distance himself from the incident, but a civil suit from the three victims wasn't settled until 2011. Reuben received an $1.8 million settlement, while the other victims were paid $500,000 and $50,000. 


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