Young Dolph's SUV Robbed of Nearly $500,000 in Jewelry

Young Dolph lost nearly $500,000 in jewelry after thieves targeted his SUV in a Cracker Barrel parking lot.

Young Dolph at a New York show.

Image via Getty/John Lamparski

Young Dolph at a New York show.

Young Dolph was eating a meal at a suburban Atlanta Cracker Barrel on Wednesday when thieves reportedly stole almost $500,000 in cash and valuables from his custom Mercedes.

Police say that Dolph and another man were having lunch just before noon when employees informed him that his camouflage SUV had been busted into in the parking lot. "It was unusual in a number of ways," Assistant Police Chief Anthony Bazydlo told Atlanta's WSB-TV. "Number one, we see the suspects in the video. They come to this vehicle three separate times."

Bazydlo added that investigators are puzzled by events that happened when Dolph first exited his vehicle. They say that his taillights flashed off and on, and that shortly afterward they flashed a few more times.

"That's interesting to us in terms of what was happening with the vehicle," Bazydlo said. "Was it being locked? Unintentionally unlocked? We don't know."

Surveillance footage showed that the suspects drove away only to return twice. On their third scan of the SUV, they broke a window on the passenger's side and made off with a number of expensive items.

Dolph told cops that the following goods were stolen:

  • Diamond chain valued at approximately $27,000
  • Another chain valued at approximately $57,000
  • Richard Mille watch valued at approximately $230,000
  • Patek Philippe watch valued at approximately $85,000
  • Cartier sunglasses valued at $24,000
  • Cartier sunglasses valued at $700
  • Glock firearm 
  • Pirelli backpack valued at approximately $300
  • Apple Macbook valued at $3,000 
  • Apple Ipad valued at $500
  • Apple Airpods valued at $200

He also said that $2,000 in cash was also gone, and that it would cost about $700 to replace the broken window.

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