T.I. Calls Sammy Sosa's Alleged Skin Bleaching a Form of 'Self-Hate'

T.I. shared his opinion on Sammy Sosa's alleged skin bleaching.

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About eight years ago, ex co-star of the exciting (but fraudulent​) '98 home run chase, Sammy Sosa, showed up to the Latin Grammy Awards looking significantly lighter than we remembered him looking when he and Mark McGwire were swatting baseballs out of ballparks at an eyebrow-raising pace. At the time, representatives for the retired slugger said it was a side effect from a skin rejuvenation treatment.

While Sosa's been pretty under the radar since he last played in the Majors (which was all the way back in September 2007), he does occasionally make headlines, usually revolving around the miniscule percentage of Hall of Fame votes he still grabs, or for the hue of his skin. In addition to the interest that surrounded that latter subject after he appeared at the '09 Latin Grammys, Sosa also went semi-viral earlier this year when he looked kind of pink-ish during an interview with ESPN Deportes during Home Run Derby coverage:

He also went viral last week for the same reason. And though he wasn't looking pink, he wasn't exactly looking like himself from, say, 2003 either:

T.I. was asked about the subject by TMZ and claimed Sosa's transformation was a form of "self-hate." After that very brief comment he issued, T.I. was also asked if he was going to be on the upcoming Xscape biopic on Bravo. Peep the clip above.

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