Rapper Spitting Dr. Seuss' 'Wocket in My Pocket' to Migos' "Walk It Talk It" Is F*cking Fabulous

Rapper Win Nevaluze brings Seuss to Atlanta and the results are surprisingly on point.

Though it's not the first combination of children's books x rap, you can still add this video to the long list of brilliant viral concepts that seem so forehead-smackingly obvious in retrospect you wonder why they can't just come to you so you can quit your job and start your own channel.

On Saturday, rapper Win Nevaluze (brilliant) uploaded a clip of him mashing up Dr. Seuss' There's a Wocket in My Pocket along with Migos' Drake-featuring "Walk It Talk It."

What results is rap so wholesome it would put Will Smith to shame. Without a doubt having it read like this sucks far less ass than it did when your school librarian recited it to your kindergarten class, or whatever. 

Good execution (shoutout to those ad libs) begets good results, as you can see with those seven-figure RT's and favorites. It would seem the bar has been raised when it comes to laying down children's book tracks (what?) Other rappers take note.

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