Jay Electronica Tells Us 'Nobody In The World Wants a Jay Electronica Album Out' More Than He Does

Jay Electronica performed at Crew HQ, then hopped off the stage to talk to Complex.

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One of the single greatest highlights of All-Star Weekend 2017 was watching Jay Electronica take the stage in his hometown. A true showman, Jay had the crowd at the Bud Light Crew HQ live while he ran through hits, including a special rendition of "Can I Kick It." He had the DJ bring back the beat to give three crowd members a chance to get on stage and freestyle. 

After the theatrics were through, he stepped backstage and gave us a few minutes of his time. Unfortunately, despite both our, and Jay Z's best efforts, we still have no word on the release date for Act II: Patents of Nobility (The Turn). Any day now, man.

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