Chance the Rapper's Child Support Case Comes to an Amicable End

Chance the Rapper and the mother of his 17-month-old daughter have come to an amicable agreement with a child support settlement on Monday.

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Chance the Rapper has come to an agreement with Kirsten Corley, the mother of his 17-month-old daughter, Kensli, about how much he'll pay in child support. Enrico Mirabelli, a lawyer for Corley, explained to the Chicago Tribune, "This case ended quickly because of the unusually high level of cooperation between the parents putting their child's best interest first."

"Really, that’s the way it should be done," Mirabelli added. "And when you settle between yourselves, you leave nothing to chance.”

Chance was not present at the proceedings, but his own lawyer added that the settlement the two sides agreed upon was "fair."

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Corley, as well as Kensli, had been living with the multiple Grammy-winner, but, according to recent documents filed in their case, both parents ultimately agreed that living apart was best for their daughter.

Mirabelli said his client plans to continue living in Chicago, though he did not divulge further details. One of Chance's attorneys, Tanya Stanish, added the resolution would allow for "[s]ubstantial parenting time for both [Chance and Corley]."

While both parties agreed to keep some of the case's documents confidential, according to The Chicago Sun-Times, Corley had previously been asking for temporary support that would cover a home for her and her daughter, as well as a car to drive Kensli around town in.

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