50 Cent Accuses Bow Wow of Leaving Club With Money Intended for Strippers

50 Cent claims Bow Wow left a strip club this past weekend with money that wasn't his.

Bow Wow and 50 Cent

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Bow Wow and 50 Cent

A day after Lil Duval called out Bow Wow for throwing 50 Cent's money all over an Atlanta strip club, 50 Cent is making the same accusation. And, like Lil Duval, he's using Instagram to do it.

On Wednesday, Fofty posted a clip of Bow Wow counting up his money on IG Live, while also alleging that Bow Wow took some of the money home. The event where this is said to have occurred at was hosted by 50 earlier in the week at Allure in Atlanta, and was preceded by 50 giving out singles to those in attendance so they could toss them.

“Oh shit, this little N***a BOW WOW took the Money home with him. @antthaladiesman get him before I kill EM,” said 50 in an IG caption.

He quickly followed it up with a clip of Bow Wow partying alongside comedian DC Young Fly with a whole wad of singles stuffed in his pants. He wondered why those singles weren't on the floor, and also gave him a deadline to refund the dough by the start of next week:

In his third post he asked Jermaine Dupri, who apparently brought Bow Wow, "What kinda sh*t is this?"

He finally finished off his case by saying Bow Wow is no longer invited to events like these. Also he called it "bum sh*t":

Not long after this string of posts, Bow Wow issued a response saying that he, in fact, arrived with his own cash, but he'd still be willing to cough up a grand to repay his share if it would eliminate any potential animosity.

Not to let that remain the last word, 50 seized upon Bow Wow's claim of having "bitches before him" by wondering if that was a reference to his previous relationship with Ciara.

Trolling on point here. As if anything less was expected.

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