Presenting Ryan Lochte's Debut Album, 'Blonde'

Olympians Don't Cry.

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It's been a rough week for Ryan Lochte, and it's only getting rougher. Imagine Ryan, reverting from his Jeah'd up Swim Shady Olympic hairdo to his more penitent-seeming natural brown locks as he prepares to weather the ensuing media storm. It sucks, but at least he'll always have that look to reflect on, a week of riding around Rio and getting it until it all came crashing down. And then Frank Ocean pops up and does it better

Granted, it's a frustrating time for everyone who may have to tuck their Grammy aspirations in now that Frank came through and crushed the buildings, but that cover might reach iconic status before the actual album, tbh. It was a style risk that Ryan owned for a week until Frank came through and snatched it like a lost endorsement deal. As Ryan beefs up his apology tour, it's apparent that he's not going to win much favor back through interviews. Maybe Ryan, like Frank, needs to let the music do the talking for him. Maybe he can reclaim his look and his public standing as Olympian Frat Bro and not Olympian Fibber. Without further ado, here's Ryan Lochte's Blonde releasing never on Jeah, Bro records.

Tracklist for fake Lochte album.

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