Meek Mill Just Took an L Thanks to Funkmaster Flex

The Boy wins again.

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Last Wednesday, Drake woke up with enemies at the YOLO estate gates when Meek Mill went on a tweet rampage that included accusations of Aubrey employing a ghostwriter on their latest collaboration, "R.I.C.O." and previous tracks from 2015. By the end of the day, veteran Hot 97 DJ Funkmaster Flex had chimed in, backing up Meek's claims with proof in the form of a "10 Bands" reference track he obtained from a mysterious source, and admonishing Drake with trademark Flex bombast (bombs+growls+repeated mentions of NEW YORK). Drake remained silent for three whole days before using his OVO Sound Radio platform on Beats1/Apple Music to debut "Charged Up," a track laced with subliminals, albeit very thinly-veiled, which addressed Meek's claims and included a jab at Flex too.

Now two full days have passed. At press time, all Meek Mill—the instigator in this whole affair, mind you—has done is tweet some more, and address the fued during his most recent stop on the Pinkprint Tour, where he bizarrely invoked Biggie and Pac's deaths. Meanwhile, Funk Flex spent the remainder of the weekend hyping up his Hot97 set tonight and all but guaranteed a response from Meek. Things started off promisingly, as dozens of fans tuned in promptly at 7 p.m. EST. Flex then informed everyone that he was "waiting on an email" from Young Savv, a member of the Maybach Music Group camp.

Ain't nothing on hot97 tonight b

That was almost three hours ago. Since then Flex has done nothing but play a boring redundant set. No mood-setting mixes of Meek and Drake songs. No epic Flex non-sequiturs like the time he debuted Jay and Ye's "Otis" and instructed everyone in New York near a convenience store to put their hands in the register because "that money is yours!" Just a lot of Future that we could've listened to on our own time, with curses. Meek Mill's own tour DJ, DJ Bran, tweeted out that nothing was going to happen tonight. Flex hyped this night up more than Meek, but this is a bad look regardless.

You can't call Drake's song "baby lotion soft" then take forever to respond while Flex is out here promoting it like a title fight. If Meek knew he didn't have a song ready to play tonight, he should have either contacted Flex and told him to chill or made a statement on Twitter, which is all he's been doing anyway. In fact, Meek hopped on Twitter real quick tonight to make light of situation. Strange behavior for the guy who prompted this beef in the first place. Although, to be fair, I'd rather Meek drop some genuine heat to make this a real battle instead of rushed trash. 

But yeah, as it stands, The Canadian: 1, Meek: 0, and Flex: -15. There goes three hours I could've spent listening to "Hotline Bling."

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