Jerry Seinfeld Tells Wale That Twitter, Hecklers, and Therapy Are Meaningless

Funny man Jerry Seinfeld isn't immune to dark thoughts—as he reveals to Wale.

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Jerry Seinfeld has it all: a damn near endless fortune, an all-time classic series under his belt, a car collection second only to Jay Leno, and oh yea, a loving wife and kids. But even the living legend has his demons and his dark thoughts—not that he dwells on them. As he counsels Wale in one of the odd couple's many mentor-esque chats, not searching for the meaning in everything is how he stays even. Chasing answers from a dark thought or trying to uncover why your art isn't pleasing a certain audience is an endless rabbit hole to insanity. It's surely advice a hothead like Wale could stand to hear, but maybe we should all take a page from Jerry's book.

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