Wale Taps Yella Beezy and Maxo Kream for New Single "Down South" (UPDATE)

Together, the trio of Wale, Houston's Maxo Kream, and Dallas' Yella Beezy create a three-man weave on "Down South" to score over Harry Fraud's production.

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UPDATED 10/15/21, 10:55 a.m. ET: Wale has released the music video for “Down South,” which you can watch up top. The rapper is gearing up to drop his new album Folarin II on Oct. 22. The project will include his J. Cole collab “Poke It Out.”

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Wale and Maxo Kream create a Nigerian connection with Wale’s latest single “Down South.”

To keep with the theme of the title, Harry Fraud slowed down the already chopped-up string sample that pulsates through Mike Jones’ Houston classic “Still Tippin’” to pay homage to Maxo’s hometown. Wale also flipped the hook from Fiend’s “Slangin’” into the “Down South” chorus to show the region some love.

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“Down South slangin’, music with these hustlers/Keep it true to self and never sell out with these busters,” Wale raps. “I ain’t finna tap dance, I don’t give a fuck though/Keep it true to self and keep a crew of n***as cutthroat.”

Along with providing a platform for his fellow Naija brother, Wale also shows the ties between Houston and the DFW area by tapping Dallas’ Yella Beezy to appear on the track. Together, the trio creates a three-man weave to score on Harry Fraud’s instrumental.

“Used to be a robber, Igbo Naija boy, go ask Wale,” Maxo raps. “Pull up on an opper, chopper rocker, hit him while he lay/I spend some chips to get you killed, my Crips gon’ make your Frito Lay/Bang, we don’t really tussle.”

Listen to Wale’s new single “Down South” featuring Yella Beezy and Maxo Kream below. 


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