Watch Trippie Redd's Warped Video for "!"

Trippie Redd creates glitches in the matrix in his newest video.

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Trippie Redd creates glitches in the matrix in his newest video, "!."

As any good title track should, "!" mimics the theme of Trippie Redd's latest album. It blends so many sounds that it's hard to pinpoint the song's genre. That feeling is echoed with the song's video as Redd comes in contact with various versions of himself. The video starts with a glitch leading Trippie to a white space. As he travels this area, he sees a button that makes women appear. Yet, it also brings a duplication of himself that causes him to change dimensions when he touches him.

Eventually, he and another identical counterpart come face to face in front of a pile of money. His other self sets the cash on fire which returns Redd to the dimension he started in. 

During a conversation with Complex, Trippie explained that XXXtentacion's ? album influenced the direction of his project. "I felt like on he was being himself," Trippie explained. "? was versatile it showed all his strong points... And I was going to put rock on my shit too like he did on his. But, I got a whole rock album coming." 

Check out the video, directed by Matt Keane, above.

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