Rico Nasty, YBN Cordae, and Blueface Rip Through Their 'XXL' Freshman Cypher

Rico Nasty, Blueface, and YBN Cordae didn't disappoint.

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Despite DaBaby and Megan Thee Stallion setting the bar pretty high with the first XXL cypher, Rico Nasty, Blueface, and YBN Cordae didn't disappoint. 

First out the gate was the high-energy Rico Nasty. For her verse, she attacked the same beat that the first cypher ran through with the same precision. Sticking true to her punk rock-infused flow, Rico mashed out bars so rapidly that one might have to rewind the video just to get hit with the punchline. 

"I just be shocking these bitches like Pikachu/Don't run away from when I run into you/It can get surgical, personal, everything I do be going up I'm on my vertical/Yes, I'm a girl and go harder than n***as do," Rico raps before aggressively the spoils of the rap game. "How much you hating on me from a cubical? I got more money than you on my cuticle."

After Rico rip through that beat, it switches to a slower more bass-heavy instrumental. This was perfect of YBN Cordae as he showed his lyrical dexterity with a verse that proves he's been sharpening his skills at Dr. Dre's office.

"Sippin Henny frozen/Feel spaced out like a semi-colon/Made a million life is really golden," Cordae raps. "Only hang with thorough breds no broken horses/Cruising in the Mustang like 'I must change', tinted windows couldn't even hide the bloodstains... Life gone be grand like my father's dad."

After Cordae's more traditional approach to the cypher, it was time for Blueface to deliver his unorthodox flow. Sticking to what made him a Famous Cryp, Blueface attacks the beat by getting in the pocket. Although it's not what most fans are used to listening to, it's hard to say it isn't entertaining. 

"Famous Cryp, If I pull up then she blew (blue) it/Hate to be my ex-bitch because she's salty like some mucous," Blueface spits. "Oooo, sauce dripping when I'm dressing/Buzzer beater VVSes/Ain't text her back but she still got the message."

Watch the full XXL cypher featuring Rico Nasty, YBN Cordae, and Blueface above. 

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