Meek Mill Responds to Young Chop Claiming He Was a 'Scary N***a' Over a Gun

Meek responded by taking to Twitter and questioning Chop's sanity.

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It's common knowledge that some rappers don't live the lives they rap about. This notion seemingly prompted Young Chop to go on Instagram Live with Gillie da Kid to attempt to expose artists. 

During the IG Live session, Chop recalled instances where he ran into "scary" rappers. First, Chop claimed that he and Lil Durk went to Meek Mill's studio session where Meek was recording with 21 Savage. Chop alleges that he had a firearm on him and when 21 and Meek saw the gun they got uncomfortable. Per the producer, 21 was so scared that he decided to leave the studio. 

"They had the Bentley trucks outside. ... Them motherfuckers skitted off," Chop said after Gillie asked him to clarify that 21 left the studio. "Whole time he was hiding behind Meek Mill, though. I ain't even see him."

Being from Philadelphia himself, Gillie knows Meek and his team personally. Gillie tells Chop that he's known Meek since he was a teenager and he doesn't believe that a gun would make him uncomfortable. 

"Meek Mill's not a scary n***a, man," Gillie said.

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Gillie's objections didn't stop Chop from insisting that Meek and other rappers like French Montana, Lil Wayne, and more are actually frightened by real street antics. 

Chop's comments made their way back to Meek. The rapper responded by taking to Twitter and claiming Chop is dealing with mental health issues.

"It’s obvious chop having some mental issues," Meek said. "y’all be gassing stuff so much y’all just gone ignore it! I been getting beats from him for years hope he get well."

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