Ja Rule Is Down to Go Hit-for-Hit Against 50 Cent in IG Live Battle: 'I'll Behave'

Ja Rule has also been active in helping combat the coronavirus outbreak.

Ja Rule attends Bootsy On The Water Miami Takeover 2020

Image via Getty/Cassidy Sparrow/In The Know Experiences

Ja Rule attends Bootsy On The Water Miami Takeover 2020

Several legendary acts have put their catalogues against each other to provide entertainment during this coronavirus pandemic. Now it appears that one of the biggest beefs in hip-hop could spill over into Instagram Live.

On Sunday, Ja Rule called Fat Joe while he was on Instagram Live with Swizz Beatz to confirm that he's willing to go against 50 Cent for the next installment of Swizz Beatz and Timbaland's Versuz series.

"I'll behave," Ja Rule insisted after explaining that he loves hip-hop culture and that this clash with 50 would be friendly. 

Understandably, Swizz was leery of Rule's intentions. The producer heard Ja's pitch and responded by saying it sounded like a "devilish 'behave.'"

Outside of stirring up drama with his arch-enemy, Ja Rule has been active in helping combat the coronavirus outbreak. The rapper is working with the Knock Knock Give a Sock charity and David Prince of Prince Management to donate masks to the homeless in his native New York City.

"Unfortunately masks are going to be a new way of life," Rule told Page Six. "The homeless population are people we often forget about. These are the people who can’t stay home and social distance. But they are part of our society. ... They are hard working people but now this is becoming a real situation that they cannot dig out of and now families can end up on the street."

Rule is also starting his own line of fashionable face coverings via his Iconn Brand.

"I wear a mask every day — that’s why I want to make something cool, because the one I had looked whack. I needed something to go with my 'fit," he explained. "So I’m gonna have fun with it."

Ja is planning to donate a mask for every mask he sells. So far, he's donated around 3,000 face coverings to the homeless. 

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