Denzel Curry and Kenny Beats Turn 'Unlocked' Into Comic Book and Instrumental Album

This will be the first time Kenny Beats has released an instrumental album.

Kenny Beats and Denzel Curry

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Kenny Beats and Denzel Curry

Kenny Beats and Denzel Curry have decided to bless fans by repackaging their joint project Unlocked.

Curry and Beats revealed on Wednesday that they are turning Unlocked into a comic book. Sam Hochman, Joey Prosser, Forrest Whaley, Justin Johnson, Chaz Bottoms, Malik Bolton, Rachel Headlam, Borboev Shakhnazer, and Asekov Tilek will illustrate the 48-page book that share's the album's title.

The comic's plot was developed by Psycho Films and will include a vinyl flexi-disc insert for the single "DIET_."

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Additionally, Kenny and Curry are gearing up for the release of the instrumental version of Unlocked. This project will hit streaming services on May 1 and be the first time Kenny Beats has dropped an instrumental album. Unlocked was created following Curry's appearance on Season 1 of Kenny Beats' YouTube series The Cave. The duo completed the acclaimed project in just three days and they're contemplating a sequel.

"Unlocked is so much more than a few songs, it's a feeling we all have," Kenny said. "For the first time I'm releasing my instrumentals because I truly believe these beats can live on their own. Put them on while you read the comic and stay tuned for part 2!"

"I always wanted artwork to accompany the film and the album. It just made sense," Curry added. "On Imperial we put out a zine with unreleased photos from the album cover shoot and previous tour run. With Unlocked I wanted to do another booklet, It just made sense to turn it into a comic."

Pre-order the Unlocked comic book here

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