CyHi the Prynce Says He and Kanye Are Working on Multiple Albums That Will Come End of Summer

"Me and [Kanye] are working on a few albums," CyHi said.

Cyhi the Prynce performs onstage during 2018 BET Experience Main Stage

Image via Getty/Aaron J. Thornton

Cyhi the Prynce performs onstage during 2018 BET Experience Main Stage

According to CyHi the Prynce, GOOD Music is working on some new music.

Under the direction of Kanye West, the GOOD Music family showered last June with an onslaught of projects. This experiment was met with mixed reviews from both critics and his own artists. Teyana Taylor hasn't been shy about expressing the fact she felt her project was hastily put together. Also, several key GOOD Music roster members were missing from the rollout. Namely, Big Sean and CyHi The Prynce. Now, it seems like the label has perfected their process as CyHi disclosed to XXL that he and 'Ye are back in the lab. 

"Me and [Kanye] are working on a few albums. So you'll be getting them by the end of the summer," the Georgia native said. He then went on to state that his sophomore album will drop alongside these projects.

"Also, my solo album as well," CyHi revealed. "I've just been collecting all my pieces on the game board so when I present it, everybody sees it in a beautiful light. This is going to be five times better than my first album."

CyHi's bold claim only adds anticipation for his new joint. Despite being signed to the label since 2010, CyHi didn't drop his debut album until seven years later. Yet, this wait proved to be fruitful as No Dope on Sundays was met with heavy critical acclaim. Throughout the project, CyHi straddles his strict Christian upbringing with his life as a drug dealer. He paints this picture by using the clever and swift lyricism fans have grown to love through his impressive feature verses. With No Dope on Sundays, CyHi showcased that he was more than just a talented ghostwriter. And after years of lifting other people's projects, this is a trend he'll try to keep going with his forthcoming album.

CyHi has also become one of Kanye's most valued creative partners. When Ye or his proteges are seeking musical direction they tend to lean on CyHi. As a result, the rapper was instrumental in creating 'Ye and Travis Scott's ASTROWORLD. This makes the news of CyHi's reemergence even more impactful as he's helped make some of last year's most popular music.

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