Martin Shkreli’s Twitter Gets Hacked, Says He'll Give Away 'Once Upon a Time in Shaolin' for Free

Bad week for Shkreli.

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Martin Shkreli isn’t having a great week. Just a few days after he was arrested for securities fraud charges and posted $5 million bail, it appears someone has hacked his Twitter.

Taking a page out of Kanye West’s book, the anonymous hacker has deemed him “Martin The God,” tweeting a few times that he’s God and the FBI can’t touch him. These will probably get deleted, but read on for some laughs:

Chat shit get banged Martin ye?
fuck da fbi u know they cant touch a god like meh
I got anal aids now good thing the pill is right here for $700
Giving away WUTANG album RT for a chance to win
I'm so god damn ugly... I gotta use okcupid :/ Fuck my life
Anyone want free money? Willing to donate hundreds of thousands to charities before I go to prison...
I am now a god

We admit these jokes suck. But imagine if Shkreli did give away the one-of-kind Wu-Tang album—the same one he paid $2 million to have in his possession—for free? But if this isn't a hack, Wu-Tang fans might want to give him a retweet for a chance to win. Enjoy your Sunday.

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