Joe Budden Takes Shots at French Montana on Twitter

Joe Budden took a shot at French Montana on Twitter after dropping a diss track aimed at Drake.

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Joe Budden is riding high off his diss record towards Drake. Titled “Making a Murderer (Part 1),” Budden goes after Drake hard with direct lines (no subliminals) and claims the record was to reignite the Toronto MC so he is inspired again.

On Friday night, Budden took aim at French Montana, who allegedly has a track with Drake dissing the Slaughterhouse rapper. Although it was previewed a few weeks ago on Instagram, the entire song has yet to materialized on the internet, and Budden is a little bothered by the pair’s lack of initiative.  

Blame French… Took too long.

— Joe Budden (@JoeBudden) July 1, 2016

Budden then follows that comment with “I’m talking to the ppl who can rap … Mind your fucking business.” No one is really sure why Budden is calling out French in the since-deleted tweet, but it seems to stem from the idea that rappers can respond on social media, but they cannot record diss tracks anymore.

This is when Budden starts talking his shit towards unnamed foes. "I’m not here to make friends. You rappers wanna do everything but rap… Repent. Y’all keep subbing, I’m rapping.. Directly. Y’all made the monster, now deal w it," he wrote in a series of tweets.

These last tweets, which have since been deleted, suggest that French simply took too long to add his portion to the diss track. He believes the original post—which you can hear Drizzy saying the line “pump, pump it up”—has all the right ingredients for a tough diss record like “Stay Schemin," but it felt like a wasted opportunity.

Budden's latest outrage against the rap game shows how little he cares about what people think of him. And knowing his current state of inspiration right now, he’d be more than happy to hear some diss records from French, Drizzy, and even Meek Mill and retaliate accordingly. Budden followed up his deleted tweets with a message that French is "extended fam," though French has yet to respond to Budden's words.


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