What's Going on With The Weeknd's Instagram?

Something's going on with The Weeknd's Instagram account.

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The Weeknd may be one of the biggest pop stars in the world right now, but that doesn't mean the Toronto artist can't lean into the element of surprise every now and again as evidenced by his latest move on Instagram where he's deleted all of his posts. 

Of course, the move has prompted speculation that The Weeknd is planning something big. And to be fair, he's hinted at such over the last few weeks. Earlier this month he spoke at length with VMAN about his upcoming album. "We wrote it all in Los Angeles," he said. "I think it’ll be the best-sounding album I’ve ever done."

OK, so we know an album is in the works. Then there's his since-deleted Instagram post from last week in which he stated, "This my last post before the new era."


Daft Punk x Weeknd? Add it to the rumor mill. There's also this tweet from Sept. 15:


I don't consider myself an emoji expert, but the fallen leaf and hourglass combined is giving off strong vibes that something is imminent for fall 2016. For the record, fall begins Sept. 22. The Weeknd christened himself "King of the Fall." You see how this is shaping up:

Fans online are also putting their best 🕵 forward:

The Weeknd has deleted all his photos off instagram.. the new era is coming 😬😬😬
.@theweeknd cleared out his Instagram. pic.twitter.com/uQlmVWaLbB
The Weeknd deleted all of his instagram posts.

Chapter IIII
@dubscorleone It's happening. The Weeknd just wiped his Instagram profile. He always does before he releases an album lol.
The Weeknd has deleted all his posts on Instagram.. you know what this means.. NEW MUSIC IS ON THE WAY pic.twitter.com/IBuBPkGC8y

So is The Weeknd finally going to enter the Chapter IV era of his career? Guess we'll find out soon enough. Until then, check out "Wild Love," The Weeknd's collaboration with Cashmere Cat and Francis and the Lights.

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