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Off Mick's upcoming EP.


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Mick Jenkins shares the visuals for his Kaytranada-produced "P's & Q's," which will be included on his upcoming EP, Wave[s]. In the video, Mick calmly walks through a parking lot in slow motion, which seems innocent enough. Except for the fact that chaos is happening all around him. The contrast works seamlessly.

Director Nathan Smith explained the concept behind the video with NPR. You can read that below. Mick Jenkin's Wave[s] will be released later this summer.

For the "P's & Q's" video, we wanted to shoot something with a constant flow of motion to complement Mick's unending verse. I created the idea of Mick walking through a scene of complete chaos, yet being unaffected by everything. To create that effect, I had Mick walk backwards from left to right through the entire scene as people pelted him with various items. That way, once we reversed the footage, Mick would look like the only person moving forward and everything would lift off of his body, leaving the chaos behind. Everything in the shot — the fire, water, even the train — was in-camera. We did no VFX whatsoever, and the actual shot only took 15 seconds to film at 240 frames per second, or 10 times slower than real-time. At the end of the video, the water bottle that floats into Mick's hand symbolizes that his words and lyrics hold the truth amongst all the other nonsense people are exposed to.

[via NPR]

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