Kesha Fans Line Up Outside the Courthouse to Show Support in Her Case Against Dr. Luke

Kesha and Luke's court hearing takes place today.

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Kesha has her day in court today with longtime producer Dr. Luke, who she filed a lawsuit against in 2014 for sexual assault and battery. Dozen of fans have lined up outside the Manhattan courthouse holding up signs in support of the singer, as well as chanting "Free Kesha." One of the signs reads, "Don't force Kesha to work with her alleged abuser." Another sign focused on Kesha's record label: "Sony kills music." Footage from TMZ shows fans chanting, "Kesha needs her freedom back/Dr. Luke is really wack," as well as Kesha arriving at the courthouse.

Her legal battle with Dr. Luke has been messy throughout. Back in June of 2015, a Los Angeles judge ruled to put it on hold, and the case was moved to New York. Kesha later claimed Luke threatened to kill her dog. More recently, a judge dismissed Dr. Luke's lawsuits against Kesha's mom, Pebe Sebert, and manager, Jack Rovner. Luke alleged Kesha's mom attempted to extort him and had forced her to break contract with his label. He also claimed Rovner tried to get more money from him and attempted to take control over Kesha's music career.While today is the next step in a case that will likely play out over the course of months, it's nice to see and hear how much Kesha fans are going out of their way to show their support. Check out some of the photos and footage from the event below.

The first people to arrive! #FreeKesha
We made a glitter trail for the queen #FreeKesha
#freekesha supporters singing outside the courthouse
Dr Luke went in a back entrance. He Couldn't face us #FreeKesha

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We're still here protesting. We will be here all day #FreeKesha

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