First Look: Danny Brown "Dope Song"

Watch Danny Brown's new music video "Dope Song" exclusively on Complex.

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Danny Brown takes turning up to a whole new level with "Dope Song."

The music video was shot in his hometown of Detroit. It starts out with Brown rhyming in the backseat of a Cadillac (he recently revealed to Complex that he doesn't know how to drive) as he cruises through the neighborhood before meeting up with a bunch of friends.

From there it's a rowdy affair as the rapper and his crew throw a party in the front lawn of Brown's childhood home. The hazy visual effects enhance the intensity of the song where Brown talks about selling dope and being dope at the same damn time.

Danny Brown's new album Old is out now. As a bonus, watch Brown's interview with ComplexTV below where he talks about his drug dealing past, misconceptions of Detroit and getting into rap.



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