Watch OutKast Recite a Poem in The Studio Back in 1999

How's this for throwback?

Now that OutKast has announced that they are reuniting on stage, people are starting to clamor for new music from the Atlanta duo. And while Queen Latifah has said that Andre 3000 and Big Boi are working on new music together, there has been no confirmation from either party.

However, that hasn't stopped people from reminiscing about OutKast's glory days. Today, MTV revealed footage of the two sitting together in the studio. While Andre moved his hands up and down along the board, Big Boi started to freestyle and came up with a pretty witty love poem. The video is from 1999, as they were working on their fourth album, Stankonia. Squinting into the camera, Big Boi said, "Maybe if you're nice I might let you stay for breakfast/Nah, not breakfast/How about a late dinner/You cook, I'll supply the meat."

[via MTV]

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