Jay Electronica Says He Wanted "Control" on His Album But of Course Doesn't Give a Release Date

Call him Jay Elec-enigma

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Jay Electronica emerged from his cocoon this weekend to perform at a concert in Croatia. The enigmatic rapper was asked about "Control," and said that when he found out that Big Sean did not plan on putting the song on his sophomore album, Hall Of Fame, he immediately asked to include the song on Act II: The Patents Of Nobility. For whatever reason, Sean chose to put the song out as a free track regardless.

Maybe he felt it would be more strategic to drop the song leading up to his release date. Or maybe he was leery (as most of us have become) about the song's chances of ever coming out once it got into the hands of Jay Elec, who has not put out a song of his own since 2011.

The interviewer did get a chance to ask Jay about a possible release date for the long-anticipated Act II, the real question every Jay Electronica fan wants to ask the New Orleans native. In response, Jay merely smirked before saying, "She's trying to put me on the spot. The album comes out on the day that it comes out." And with that, the interview was over.

So to recap, Jay Electronica may or may not be done with Act II, it may or may not be "his time," and we will likely be left in the lurch for at least another year. Typical.

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