Mixtape: Action Bronson & Party Supplies "Blue Chips 2"

It rained on the first day of November. Incredible.

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Action Bronson and Party Supplies have put out Blue Chips 2 today, the first day of November (and also coincidentally enough, the first day it rained in November). The project has appearances from Meyhem Lauren, Big Body Bes, Ab-Soul, Retchy P, Jeff Woods, and Bronson himself. The duo told XXL that they had intended for Cam'Ron to appear on the project, but ultimately couldn't get a verse from Cam.

This is the sequel of Bronson and Party Supplies' first Blue Chips, which came out early 2012 and made a huge impact for both of them. The project is built upon Bronson's lurid, left-field rhymes and Party Supplies' lush yet peculiar sample choices, some of the hallmarks of the first release. The sounds on this project are extremely diverse.

This is Bronson's second project of 2013, following the release of Saab Stories with Harry Fraud. Meanwhile, Party Supplies also released an album back in September, Tough Love.

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