Check Out This New DJ Infamous Single "Run the Check Up" f/ Jeezy, Ludacris, and Yo Gotti

DJ Infamous' latest single "Run the Check Up" gets a major assist from Jeezy, Ludacris, and Yo Gotti

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Last year, Jeezy dropped a new track titled "Run the Check Up" hosted by Greg Lake. Now, many months later, he's hopped on a new song of the same title by DJ Infamous, surrounded by the likes of fellow Southern rap standouts Ludacris and Yo Gotti.

Produced by Childish Major, the new song is as opulent as it is braggadocios. In his opening verse, Jeezy raps about his paper, saying, "Hop up out this motherfucker smelling like some millions/Right hand cross your heart, other hand to the ceiling/Say bitch I was born broke just know I'm dying with these millions." He talks about his quest for more on the hook. "I say I want that paper, need that paper/Hustling in my veins, I just bleed that paper/Nothing on my mind but some money: Las Vegas."

Luda echoes that theme during his stint on the mic. "Whoever said money is root of all evil never had none/I'm not a gold rapper but these women call me Magnum/And the baddest bitches live in Atlanta just in case you never had one/99 problems and money'll solve most of 'em." As does Yo Gotti, who raps, "Whip game sick, yeah my shit might need a check up/See first you get the money then you get the haters/Don't let that shit distract you gotta be focused on your paper."

Listen to "Run The Check Up" in the video below.

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