Man Sues Soulja Boy for Allegedly Threatening to Shoot and Kill Him

Soulja Boy allegedly threatened to shoot and kill Skrill Dilly, and now he's taking him to court.

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In August, Soulja Boy posted a video to his Instagram in which he waved a gun and allegedly threatened to kill someone supposedly dating his ex-girlfriend. At the time, the individual wasn't identified, but now he's stepping forward and taking Soulja to court.

According to TMZ, Skrill Dilly has been named as the man who Soulja Boy threatened to kill. As it turns out, Dilly wasn't dating the rapper's ex Nia Riley, but had reportedly been trolling Soulja Boy to get a rise out him. It worked, and according to Skrill Dilly, Soulja Boy actually put a $10,000 bounty on his head. Added to that, "he says his baby mama is refusing to let him near their daughter ... fearing the little girl will get caught in the crossfire."

He's also claiming that the entire episode has been so traumatic that it's raised a few health issues, but he wasn't specific as to what they might be. He's taking Soulja Boy to court for damages and cash to cover his medical expenses. 

This news can't come at a welcome time for Soulja Boy, who's recently moved into another beef with rapper Lil Yachty over a different girl. Soulja Boy posted pictures of himself with model India Love to his Instagram, to which Yachty didn't take too kindly, asking him to take them down. Instead, Soulja Boy went on a tear, posting more photos of his text conversations with Yachty and Love. Since then, most of the posts have come down.

We'll continue to update as more information becomes available.

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