Has Frank Ocean Written a Novel?

A code embedded into the Calvin Klein website would seem to suggest that Frank Ocean has written a novel.

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Few people in pop culture stir up the same kind of fervor as Frank Ocean. Rumors abound about when/if his next album Boys Don't Cry might drop. People post photos of him on social media and treat the sightings like they would that of a unicorn or some other mythical creature.

One Reddit user, looking to find out any new information no matter how small, went to the extreme by digging through the source code on the Calvin Klein website, where Ocean has recently been featured alongside Young Thug in the fashion company's latest campaign. What they claim to have found is surprising; it seems that the Channel Orange crooner may have penned a novel that he hopes to release at some point in the future.

Here's the statement in full:

"Frank Ocean is one of the most artistic and enigmatic musicians working today. Though it has been more than four years since he released his debut studio album, 'Channel Orange,' interest in Ocean hasn't waned. Instead, it's increased.

While this certainly comes as a surprising bit of news, it does little to quell the demands of Ocean's mass of fans who are pulling their hair out waiting to hear any bit of music at all. 

all your thoughts, prayers and tumblr posts hoping for the return of frank ocean

and he pays you back with a NOVEL. i'm dying.

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