Snoop Dogg, 2 Chainz, and Migos Headline Night 2 of ComplexCon

The show is FREE––but you have to hustle to get your passes.

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We're now officially counting down the days—24 FYI—to the first-ever ComplexCon. You've stuck with us as we announced the likes of Skrillex, Travis Scott, Virgil Abloh, Metro Boomin, Lil Yachty, BAPE, Puma, Nike, and so many more. And now the question you all want to know: who will headline night two? 

LBC is about to be lit up by the one and only OG Snoop Dogg in his first-ever hometown concert. If that's not enough, joining him onstage in the Arena on Nov. 6 are 2 Chainz and Migos, plus more surprise guests. 

BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE: Because y'all have been so patient, the ComplexCon powers that be have decided that you've earned the chance to go to the ComplexCon Nov. 6 concert at no additional cost.

What's that mean? 

If you already have a $45 Sunday Day Pass or a $80 Weekend Day Pass, you're already in. Bought a VIP Pass? You're good too. Kudos to you for being ahead of the game. 

Already in Southern California? We got you. This Saturday Oct. 15 we'll be seeding a bunch of tickets to multiple retailers around L.A. that will be first-come first-served and grant you access to all of Sunday's festivities including Snoop's big night.

Lastly, we'll give all of you on the internet streets a chance to win tickets via social media from a slew of ComplexCon partners. 

So pick your poison. Guarantee your spot for the night two show and buy a Sunday, weekend, or VIP pass RIGHT NOW. Cali folks, line up at the soon-to-be-named locations this Saturday. Or take your chances on Twitter for a chance to win a spot. 

You decide, but don't miss it. Stay tuned and follow us on Twitter at @ComplexCon for more. 

Want to experience Complex IRL? Check out ComplexCon, a festival and exhibition on Nov. 5-6, 2016 in Long Beach, Calif., featuring performances, panels, and more. For ticket info, click here.

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