Maury Show Producers Want Justin Bieber To Reveal Paternity Test On Show

This has the makings of an epic show.

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It's been a hell of a couple weeks for Justin Bieber. Not only has he had to deal with the headaches of wanna be baby mama drama, shunned off enraged fans, denied all claims from the suit and witnessed all the commotion and ridicule that's come as a result, but now he's ready to silence everybody with a paternity test to confirm he is not the father of a 20-year old California woman with a three-month-old son.

So why not do it on the Maury show? A spokesperson for the group told the Huffington Post they're already trying to make it happen. Sure, the odds of the Biebs sitting on that couch and hearing the paternity results from Maury Povich are slim, but the thought of it sounds classic enough.

LeBron James' "The Decision" would have nothing on this.

[via TheHuffingtonPost]


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