Rico Nasty Talks 'The Craft' and 5-Minute Crafts: The GOAT Show

Rico Nasty delivers her thoughts on cute family time with 5-Minute Crafts, and throwing jerks off the balcony in 'The Craft'. It's all about balance.

The GOAT Show is back at it for a sixth season and, this time around, we’re kicking things off with bonafide superstar Rico Nasty. In this episode, Rico gets candid about Death Cab For Cutie, gives us her vote for the GOAT kids show and considers the unique appeal of Fairuza Balk’s performance in 1997’s The Craft.

And, of course, this is Rico Nasty aka Tacobella. Naturally, we got the intricacies to her go-to Taco Bell order.

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