Onit (HP Boyz) Talks All Blacks and the GOAT Kendrick Lamar album: The GOAT Show

After YJ gave us a classic GOAT Show, you know we had to take it back out to Hampton Park to link up with Onit. Watch the latest episode of The GOAT Show now.

In season 4, we invited YJ of the HP Boyz to be a guest on The GOAT Show. The result was an instant classic of mullet talk and what not. With season 5 underway, there was no question that we would take it back out to Hampton Park and catch Onit for a new episode of The GOAT Show.

The HP Boy didn’t disappoint, educating us on the best date locations in Hampton Park, the GOAT Kendrick Lamar album, and his most-hated All Black.

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