Mask Off: YP of Onefour Explains 'In The Beginning'

"We're trying to change it up a bit, leaving an imprint on the drill scene before we start making a different approach to the music we're gonna make now"

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It's been barely 36 hours, but already more than half a million people have streamed Onefour's "In The Beginning" music video. The track immediately hit number one on YouTube trending, and has remained there since.

When Onefour dropped "The Message" in March, few would have anticipated the seismic cultural impact the track would carry. It's now only 7 months later and Australian drill has gone from underexposed to exploding online. The increased attention and focus on Australian talent has been positive but, at the same time, many have noticed the way some of the new groups have co-opted the trends, aesthetic and sounds Onefour introduced to Australia. YP told Complex "In The Beginning" was the group's way of addressing the issue. 

"We just wanna put it out there, with all these new artists coming, a lot of them are just throwin' on a mask and being crazy," he explains. "We just wanna put it out there, we started it. Everyone's gonna bring what they've got, but [they] should bring their own flavour as well instead of just going off what they see in the media."

More than just a warning shot to anyone looking to mimic the Mount Druitt group, YP explains "In The Beginning" could also be the end of the first wave of Onefour releases, as the group eyes a diversity in their sound. 

"To become a better artist, you can't be all 'stabby-stabby' on the media and on the radio, so we're trynna change it up now," he says. "We're trying to change it up a bit, leaving an imprint on the drill scene before we start making a different approach to some of the music we're gonna make now."

The new video has also become famous for YP's 'mask off' moment. The decision to finally reveal his face, after concealing it in the group's previous four music videos, has sparked speculation and rumours online. YP is tight-lipped about the decision, but admits he is "happy it's all over now with the mask and stuff."

Watch the In The Beginning video above, and catch Onefour on tour around Australia and New Zealand on the following dates. Tickets available now via Live Nation.

Melbourne – Sunday 24/11
Adelaide – Wednesday 27/11
Perth – Saturday 30/11
Auckland – Thursday 5/12
Sydney – Tuesday 10/12

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