Travis Scott Tells Couple to Stop Fighting During Performance: 'Hug Like You Love Him'

La Flame has been attentive to fans during his Circus Maximus tour.

Axelle / FilmMagic

Travis Scott helped a couple squash a fight at a recent Circus Maximus tour stop.

According to TMZ, the Houston rapper was performing in Miami on Monday night when he spotted a man and woman fighting during his show. Travis stopped mid-song and asked for the stage spotlight to illuminate the fans. 

 “I see you’re arguing,” Scott said to the man, who was standing next to a seated woman. “Today, you’re all gonna have a good motherfucking time.”

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“What I want you to do, I want you to give her a big hug real quick,” Scott told the man. The man hugged his girl, but she didn’t give it the same energy, prompting La Flame to say, “Give him a hug like you love him!”

The man pulled the woman to her feet, and they embraced once again. “There we go!” he yelled as the crowd cheered. Travis then resumed the show.

It seems that Scott has been more attentive to fans during this tour. In late October, the 32-year-old got upset with a security guard who attempted to kick a fan out of the Dallas venue. Scott defended the woman after she tried to jump and stand on a barricade. Footage shows the woman lifting herself up and a security guard pulling her back down.

"Hold on. One thing you not gonna do, you not gonna kick a fan out. You not gonna do that, brother. You back up. She's just enjoying herself. You back the fuck up. Let her just have a good time," he said. "That's a female. You don't grab a female like that, okay?"

The Circus Maximus tour, in support of Travis’ Utopia album, is his first following the Astroworld Festival tragedy in Nov. 2021 when 10 people died in the crowd during his performance.

“That moment for families, for the city, you know, it was devastating,” he recently told GQ of the incident. “I always think about it. Those fans were like my family. You know, I love my fans to the utmost.”

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