Soulja Boy Recounts Mac Miller Messaging Him a Week Before He Passed

Soulja Boy also speaks openly about his own struggles with mental health.

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Whether it’s getting caught in dangerous mudslides or getting in trouble for his new gaming system, Soulja Boy hasn't been able to stay out of the news lately. Now, a new interview with the “Crank That” rapper is set to air on Fair Game With Kristine Leahy on Fox Sports 1.

In the new episode, however, we see a more candid Soulja Boy. In the clip above, the 28-year-old speaks openly about his own struggles with mental health and the passing of his friend Mac Miller.

“Stress is real and you never know what a person is going through behind the camera,” Soulja Boy tells host Kristine Leahy when she asks why he thinks more people are talking about suicide and mental health in hip-hop. 

Soulja Boy continues, “You never know what a person is going through in their head—you just never know. I feel like it’s big now with the passing of Mac Miller, rest in peace Mac Miller who was a good friend of mine. That just showed people like it could happen to anybody. Just because you have fame or money, you’re not immune to negativity and depression and stress.”

He adds, “I just wish like I could’ve just talked to him because like he DM’d me—he reached out to me like a week before [he passed] and I was just caught up with a lot of work… Sometimes I don’t get to do certain things that I want ‘cause I gotta go do this interview and I gotta do this and I gotta do that. I just wished that I could have talked to him. I should have talked to him and see what was going on.”

Soulja Boy’s interview airs on Fox Sports 1 on Tuesday at 5:30 p.m. ET.

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