Rhymefest Criticizes Kanye West's 'Bleached Assh*le' Line: 'This Was the Beginning'

We all know Rhymefest isn’t Kanye West’s biggest fan right now—particularly due to Donda's House—and he only further proved that point on the latest episode of BET’s 'Rate the Bars.'

We all know Rhymefest isn’t Kanye West’s biggest fan right now, and he only further proved that point on the latest episode of BET’s Rate the Bars.

Among the Chicago MCs that Rhyme is tasked with rating—G Herbo, Lil Reese, Sasha Go Hard, Lupe Fiasco, Common—he was also asked to rate both old and new Kanye. First up were lyrics from Kanye’s College Dropout cut “Jesus Walks,” which Rhyme gave a five out of five.

“That shit’s profound. Nobody got called a bitch,” Rhyme said, referencing the previous songs he rated from Common and Reese, where the word bitch was uttered more than a few times. “Nothing in here was about money over people. Nothing in here was without backing up the last statement,” Rhyme continued, paying his respects to Ye’s lyricism. “It’s about moving in purpose and creating storyboards and visuals in a new way, even if that way ain’t as pious or noble,” as he mournfully asked, “What happened to good writing? What happened to purpose?”

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However, for Kanye’s early Life of Pablo "bleached asshole" bars on “Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 1,” Rhyme wasn’t nearly as nice or forgiving.

“When I first heard this lyric, I said, 'Huh, what that mean?'” Rhymefest recalled from his time in the studio. He said his skepticism was challenged. "And there was another rapper there that I'm not gonna name that was like, 'Nah, that's that hot shit, Rhymefest is old, he don't like that, that's that old school hip-hop shit.' He don't know, he ain't up. And I said that n***a wanna be famous. That person trying to do something. 'Nah that's for the club, that's for the club, people gonna be turned up.'"

Rhyme went on, thinking of Kanye: “I said, ‘This is not who you are. Who you are is your humanity and vanity have to fight each other.’ If it’s all vanity or all humanity, it don’t work. ... This right here, this was the beginning. And this is when I took an airplane and went home and said ‘Fuck it.’”

Rhymefest unsurprisingly gave Kanye a zero out of five for the lyrics.


Last month, following the Drake and Pusha-T beef, Rhyme claimed Ye had abandoned their shared hometown, as well as Donda's House. Kim immediately chimed in, defending her husband and accusing Rhyme of spreading “fake community politics & lies.” After the social media fiasco, leaders of Donda’s House announced they intended to continue the charity’s mission but with a different name.

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