Monica Asks Ray J to 'Stop Speaking' About Her and Brandy's Potential Tour

According to Monica, she hasn't been offered any formal deal to tour with Brandy.

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Monica has issued a warning to Ray J to stop discussing a possible tour with her and Brandy.

Monica’s remarks came yesterday, following Ray J's recent appearance on The Breakfast Club, where he went into detail on what the tour could look like. 

“I’ve been repeatedly contacted about interviews ect [sic] where my name and tour possibilities are being discussed!,” Monica wrote on her IG Story. “I’ve not received any contracts or calls about said tour. @rayj I’m kindly asking you to stop speaking on me in public! A private conversation would both be necessary and respectful! Brandy is a legend! She’s one with an extensive back catalog that I deeply respect & a voice sent from heaven.”

She continued, “The conversation being had without she and I is beginning to muddy the waters severely! She and I are both consummate professionals that share a massive recording as well as an entire era! Please allow this to remain positive and beautiful! Neither should open, we should give someone else that opportunity and co-headline a massive shared stage if this is to ever happen. Any further convo should be private!”

Text on a social media post discussing a private conversation about a music collaboration and requesting it be kept private

Monica commented elsewhere on IG, saying that she knows she “will forever be the ‘bad guy’,” but that “it’s not real unless there’s a deal,” and that everyone is suggesting she’s the reason that the “(imaginary) deal” is being held up, when that isn’t the case.

Monica checks Ray J over Brandy tour comments

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Ray J first mentioned a potential tour in the comments section of Monica’s recent Instagram Live session: “Brandy/Monica tour—please let’s make history, one run for the fans—100M plus for both of you,” he wrote.

He doubled down on the idea on The Breakfast Club, telling the hosts that the artists could make $100 million each.

He also touched on who would open for whom: “I mean, of course, Monica would have to open, right? Somebody has to come out first. Brandy ain’t having that, either.”

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