Meek Mill Praises Both Drake and Kendrick Lamar While Bigging Himself Up: ‘They Mutating My Name’

The "Dreams and Nightmares" rapper has been quiet during the rivaling pair's feud.

Person seated wearing a large chain necklace; in an indoor, social setting related to music
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Person seated wearing a large chain necklace; in an indoor, social setting related to music

Meek Mill showed his approval of Drake, Kendrick Lamar, and himself in a Twitter rant on Wednesday night.

So far, Meek has been pretty quiet during Dot and Drizzy’s beef—the latter of whom Meek feuded with himself. The Philadelphia native lightly commented on the rival rappers in a slew of tweets, though it’s kind of unclear what Meek’s point was.

“I give y’all my honest without speaking on Drake,” Meek wrote. “Bike life culture ‘Meek’ billionaire culture connected to rap … really been through poverty the system ‘Meek’ really changing laws ‘Meek’ showed the most new artist love with my platform ‘Meek,’” he wrote, confusingly, linking out to The Jay Hill Podcast interview with DJ Drama.

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“I really changed like 4 laws that really help stop the cycle of probation for the average person coming up in our culture!  Through Mike Rubin and Kevin Hart I’ve donated and help bring millions to the city of Philadelphia! We have real job fairs with reform!”

Rapper Meek Mill in a video discussing cultural impact and philanthropy, shared on social media

In the second tweet, the “Dreams and Nightmares” rapper looks to be referring to the millions that he, Rubin, and Hart have donated to Philadelphia public schools over the years. At the top of 2022, the trio gave a collective $15 million to over 100 Philly schools, and in January 2023, they gave seven million.

Meek went on to praise Kung Fu Kenny and the 6 God, saying both are “great”—and that Meek, himself, is also “incredible” at rapping. He seems to mention that he doesn’t have a publicist right now, which might be why he often goes unchecked on Twitter.

Meek continued in another set of tweets. “My PR has been off for a year or 2 so they mutating my name but when I’m gone they will give it up! Ima just keep grinding! [The] boy and Kendrick have their own lanes and qualities they great at also!”

In a final message, Meek added, “I gotta say it what I offered to the game every time it can’t be minimized! I’m starting to like these convos if we in the era of facts …  I been in all the jungles lifting communities up for years …. And my rap skills are incredible! Like really, really good.”

Two screenshots of tweets by rapper Meek Mill discussing his impact on the music industry and his work ethic

The last we heard from either Drake or Lamar in their beef was the OVO head's "The Heart Part 6," which arrived on Sunday. Both artists have remained quiet since then.

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